A unique way of looking into the existence of God

The Argument from the Supernatural


What it is.


I am 99.9% convinced that the supernatural exists.  Why such certainty?  The wealth of evidence for it!  Not only are there my own experiences but the odds are stacked up on the side of it just by the sheer number of paranormal occurrences.  Everyone probably knows someone that has had some bizarre experience they haven’t been able to explain.  My brother saw a ghost.  My mother has had numerous fortune tellings turn out to be right by visiting a local fortune teller (not something I’d recommend).  And not all of them are hearsay – “I know because it happened to me” – some have physical evidence accompanying it such as moved objects or physical evidence on the body in direct attacks from spirits.


The denial of all this evidence is irrational.  There is something happening out there.  And the people of the world know it which is why there is such a fascination with paranormal movies and books.  But why does it matter?  The existence of the supernatural does not prove that God exists, does it?  No but if you allow the supernatural without God you still need a first cause… and a cause of the supernatural itself.


The only reason people deny the supernatural is because of cause and effect.  If the supernatural exists then what caused it?  Why does it exist?  A simple solution if you believe in the Creator as defined by the Kalam Cosmological Argument or the Ontological Argument.  Not so simple if you don’t.  That’s why many that take the supernatural for granted (such as those who hold to Chinese superstitions like Qi and Wiccans) ignore that it needs to have a cause.  They never address the simple fact of life.  Then the naturalist ignores all evidence that can’t be validated by “science” (i.e. validated by the senses) even though the evidence is there.


While a lot of other faiths do touch on the supernatural, no other holy book but the Bible accounts for it sensibly.  The Bible gives a succinct reason – the existence of a spirit (invisible), supernatural God is that very succinct reason.  Whereas other gods are not spirit in the same way, God is and his creation of the spirit beings (angels and fallen angels - demons) explains how there is a very real supernatural dimension in the world today. The Bible also explains that much of what goes on in the supernatural realm such as fortune telling and ghosts is the work of demons who are trying to deceive people and lead them away from God.


Some people think that occams razor means the supernatural is out but I disagree. I think Scooby Doo proves the contrary. Sometimes the supernatural makes more sense than an elaborate conspiracy of ghost



In a nutshell.

For there to be a supernatural dimension there would have to be a reason FOR that supernatural dimension.  And the only (and best) explanation for a supernatural dimension is that God created this world and as God is spirit there are also spirit beings who can influence the material (non-spirit) world.

The Argument from Curses


What it is.

A curse is an appeal to a supernatural dimension which orchestrates bad things to happen in connection to a certain person, object or place.  There have been many famous curses such as:

The Curse of Tutankhamen's Tomb.  Some believed the curse came from an inscription "Death comes on wings to he who enters the tomb of a pharaoh."  By 1929 eleven people connected with the discovery of the Tomb had died early and of unnatural causes, some under very bizarre circumstances.

The Curse of Turan where a shaman placed a thousand-year curse on all Hungarians.  Hungary has been in troublesome political situations (supporting the Nazis and then being persecuted by German forces anyway) and for much of the 20th century had one of the highest suicide rates in the world.

The Curse of Timur's Tomb where upon opening Timur's coffin, the team discovered an inscription: "Whoever opens my tomb shall unleash an invader more terrible than I." Within a matter of hours, Adolf Hitler's troops invaded Russia; an estimated 26 million people died as a result.

In addition to these famous curses there have been numerous accounts of ordinary people who have had a connection to the occult and have witnessed the power of a curse.  Even today some people use voodoo curses to get revenge on enemies and intimidate people.


Why it’s an argument.

There has been a long history of this amazing phenomenon.  But the craziest part is no one has a clue how this has worked!  It defies mere coincidence.  Some of these curses are the real deal and speaks strongly to there being a real supernatural element in the world.  Also there are biblical and historical sources to back up the existence of curses.


Dismissing all these accounts as “superstition” does not play fair with the facts.  Unusual things happen and there seems to be a real intrinsic evil out there that makes itself know in things like curses.  Some have said that it was belief in a curse that makes the symptoms of the curse become real (kind of like a placebo effect), but that does not account for those that had not known they were cursed at the time and were still affected.  It is also an explanation given only because people want to rule out the supernatural – they have an a priori commitment to excluding supernatural evidence.


Why should there be this force in the universe and who or what can bring about curses?  Atheists and naturalists can't even offer an explanation so they must deny that curses exist or say that the people who have experienced this have been tricked by some force of nature.  Other non-theistic religious groups don't really provide an answer for why there are curses, just that there are curses.


You cannot presuppose evil in a universe of moral subjectivity, in a universe without God.  And curses speak to there being an existence of evil.  Curses are evil in nature, just as demons are evil in nature.  And when you get these evil manifestations that defy natural law it just speaks to there being a true evil force out there.


The Bible explains that the very earth is under a curse.  All the things that we see as 'evil' - the death of the young, diseases, wickedness in people this is all part of a curse.  The only other view is to say that things like the death of young people, diseases, and human deciet is all natural.  There can be nothing wrong with things that are natural, and yet we see that there is something very wrong with this world.



In a nutshell.

Curses exist and accepting there is a real evil out there explains a lot more about the world than avoiding the evidence of a supernatural realm.